At 1 januari 2019 we will rate new prices:
15 minits will be deleted
30 minits for € 70,-
45 minits for € 100,-
1 hour for € 130,-

The room rent is a fixed price including all facilities such as: * Kingsize bed * Walk-in shower for 2 persons * Sink * Led ceiling lights * Air conditioning * Smoke detector * emergency button in case of emergency * Massage oil * Towels * Condoms * Shower gel. The target price of the ladies is only an indication price. We as a room rental agency have no influence on this. The ladies are free to deviate from this price. We advise you to discuss the prices and options with the lady of your choice before you go to the room.

The ladies have passed us the following target prices based on Safe Sex and extras (provided a lady offers this). Safe Sex is understood to mean: a nice feast with French kissing, fingering, licking, fucking and multiple highlights. Not all ladies offer the same (perhaps desired) actions and their prices may also differ (agree with the lady in advance).

  Room rate Target price Total price
30 min. € 35,- € 35,- € 70,-
45 min. € 50,- € 50,- € 100,-
60 min. € 65,- € 65,- € 130,-

For those who want to take their time and relax with one of the sexy ladies who offer their services, we have the following rates: The longer you stay, the more discount you get, because after the first hour you pay only € 50, - per half hour and only € 100, - per hour!

1 1/2 hour safe sex €180,--
2 hour safe sex €230,--
2 1/2 hour safe sex €280,--
3 hour safe sex €330,--
3 1/2 hour safe sex €380,--
4 hour safe sex €430,--

We offer you a VIP room with of course a VIP treatment. This VIP room has a very large Jacuzzi in addition to the normal fixed facilities. This Jacuzzi has 5 seats, adjustable jets, massage programs and LED lighting. For the ultimate VIP experience we serve you a bottle of champagne with nuts and Bonbons so you can relax with your lady or ladies of your choice.For the VIP room we use the following rates:

1 hour VIP-room with jacuzzi  € 180,-
2 hour VIP-room with jacuzzi € 280,-
3 hour VIP-room with jacuzzi € 410,-
4 hour VIP-room with jacuzzi € 510,-
(After  2 hours € 30,- extra)  
Please book the VIP room in advance ... please!  

We now have an SM room for the curious men and the real lovers of the kinky side in the erotic world. In addition to all the usual facilities, this room is also equipped with a Andreas cross, rocking chair, slave cage, chains on the bed and many SM attributes that allow you to find your limits with one of our SM mistresses.

30 minits SM-session € 105,--
45 minits SM-session € 135,--
1    hour SM-session € 165,--
1,5 hour SM-session € 215,--
2    hour SM-session € 265,--
Please book the VIP room in
advance ... please!


For those who wants to have double fun, here are the rates for the threesomes:

30 minits Trio € 130,-
45 minits Trio € 175,-
1 uur Trio € 220,-
30 minits Lesbian Trio € 160,-
45 minits Lesbian Trio € 205,-
1 hour Lesbian Trio € 250,-

You can discuss the extras below with the ladies. (please note, not all ladies offer the extras you want).

Anal with you € 20,-
Anal with Lady € 50,-
Squirt € 25,-
Golden shower giving € 20,-
Tantra massage  € 25,-
Golden shower giving € 20,-
Please discuss your wishes with the lady  


(After 1 hour, the room price will be € 25,- per 30 min.)
(After 1 hour, the target price of the ladies will be € 25,- per 30 min.)

To be able to keep the atmosphere as pleasant as possible for all parties involved we have determined a number of house rules:

  1. Our ladies are voluntarily under the control of the Public Health Service. Acts without a condom in our private house are not possible.
  2. Your personal hygiene and respectful treating of the ladies is of great influence for a successful date. Several rooms have a sink next to a shower and/or bath. The lady will, if necessary, suggest these so you can use them correctly.
  3. The ladies always keep the right to refuse a customer or act.
  4. It has been expressly requested to the ladies not to jeopardize your privacy. Therefor we also ask you not to exchange personal data. Your privacy is very important to us. This also applies the other way around out of respect for the ladies.
  5. Usage or trading of soft drugs or hard drugs is strictly forbidden.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse you in case of drunkenness or if you are under the influence of narcotics.
  7. We will not tolerate any form of violence against our hostess/host and/or the ladies. In this case, we will inform at all times the police.