Sexy well-groomed and well-motivated girls / ladies from 21 years with a positive attitude:

Looking for ladies/ladies
From January 1, 2022, Het Landhuisje vof will work with the Opting-in System (55% for the lady, 45% for the house)
We take care of all the administration and you will receive your net earnings every day.

Sexy well-groomed and well-motivated ladies  from 21 years with a positive attitude:
• Are you independent, open minded, sensual, well-groomed and motivated to generally spoil Dutch men in a legal professional and cozy relaxed atmosphere?
• Call us Private Het Landhuisje for an introductory meeting and tour, and who knows you want to spend a day turning to see if you like it.
• Telephone during opening hours: 0485-383132
• Private Het Landhuisje has a permanent management and a super atmosphere in which your limits are respected by both us and management as well as by our customers!

So everything neatly according to the rules:
• Every day directly and honestly receive all your money for your services (Opting-in system).
• Each girl determines her own rates based on the services she offers herself.
• You determine your own working hours, we respect your private life and independence.
• Renovated rooms (also jacuzzi, showers in every room and SM room available)
• No bar / club, so no animated or alcohol, guests do not meet each other, discrete reception
• Very friendly and cozy atmosphere, you have nothing to do with us and you can also take breaks
• You decide whether you want to propose to a customer or refuse a customer
• Easily accessible by public transport,(Train station Boxmeer or Venray, then with bus 82 to bus stop Maashegge in Stevensbeek. From there it is only a 2 minute walk).

• Free parking space on our property from our private house, this is not visible from the public road.
• Free locker for your clothes and private items
• Free working hours between 10 am and 10 pm
• open 7 days (Monday to Sunday)!
• Smoking room for the girls / ladies with WIFI, TV.
• Large crowded house with a still increasing customer base (90% Dutch guests / customers)
• Smoking area
• Free professional marketing and advertising, including via the internet
• Free profile (on a voluntary basis, you decide whether and how you want to be photographed, and also unrecognizable for your private environment, on departure from our private house, we will of course remove your photos)
• Discrete entrance (not visible from the road)
• And where our house is known for the ladies / ladies: breakfast and dinner provided by the management, certain preferences are taken into account (vegetarian, no pork, etc.). You can also grab snacks and if you want something that is not in the house, then it is taken for you. So you do not have to bring your own microwave meal or prawn or order it anywhere, because we have everything in house and are completely arranged for you.

Our private house distinguishes itself from many other private houses in particular respect for you as a girl / lady in your independence, freedom in working hours, proposals to guests / customers, freedom in sexual acts that you want to perform and thus creates a very relaxed and nice atmosphere in our private home that you feel as a girl / lady but also our guests / customers.
Private Het Landhuisje is easily accessible in a quiet main road between two villages. It is surrounded by many large towns / cities within a short driving distance (Boxmeer, Venray, Venlo, Roermond, Helmond, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Arnhem etc.) so that we can attract many guests / customers for you through our marketing and hospitable customer approach.
Do you profit as a girl / lady?
• Do you want to make a lot of money in the times and days that you want with your own choice in what you want and do not want and with whom? And this in a top atmosphere?
• Then Private Het Landhuisje is your ideal workplace!
• Call 0485-383132 or send an email via
At Private Het Landhuisje NO STRESS !;)
Are you fed up elsewhere that you are not always paid fairly, you are stuck with working hours, you can not be yourself in the private house ...? Come on for yourself and take the decision to look elsewhere where you can also earn a lot of money and perhaps more, and also in all freedom and cozy atmosphere, that is a win-win situation !!
Private Het Landhuisje
Stevensbeekseweg 10
5825 JC Overloon
Phone: 0485-383132 (during opening hours)