Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact our hostesses by phone.

Can I park with you discreetly?
Yes, you can park on our own private car park, which is out of sight of the street. The entrance / entrance of the private house is also at the back, so also out of sight of the street.

Do I meet other customers?
No, you never come across other customers, the hostess / host always receives you out of the sight of any other customers present.

Do I have to pay an entrance fee or do I pay for the offered drink?
No, we are not a club but a private house. You come to us without obligation. The hostess / host will let you in without the presence of other customers. You can indicate to the hostess / gentleman whether you want to go to the room with 1 (or more) of the available ladies. The hostess / host can also indicate which ladies are currently occupied and when they are available again. If there is no lady of your choice, you can simply come back another time. If you want to wait for a lady who is occupied, this can be done separately from the view of other customers while enjoying an alcohol-free drink from the house and therefore completely free of charge.

Do I have to make an appointment if I want to come over?
No, you can come by without obligation to get acquainted without any obligation and you do not have to pay an entrance fee. You get a free drink from the house then the present and available ladies are presented to you.

Can I make a reservation in advance for a certain lady?
Yes that is possible. This can be done by telephone. If you indicate which lady you want to reserve and how long you want to stay with this lady, your appointment will be scheduled discrete. With reservations, your privacy is treated very discreetly, however a reservation without a number or by mail is not possible.

What about the hygiene of the house?
We consider hygiene to be of paramount importance. Our rooms are clean and are constantly monitored for hygiene. The rooms are checked every date and changed of bed linen and towels, which after the date the laundry is done by the hostess / gentleman. You are therefore always certain of a well-groomed hygiene.

Are the ladies under the supervision of the doctor?
Yes, all ladies are checked every two months by a doctor from the GGD, so that safety, health and the necessary hygiene are guaranteed as much as possible for both you and the lady herself.

What can I expect in terms of sexual acts for the standard rate of safe sex?
For the standard rate (see price list) is based on Safe sex. The ladies are free to choose per customer whether they offer these standard services. Click and personal hygiene are an important indicator. Talk to the lady yourself, possibly in advance to avoid misunderstandings, after which you can decide whether or not to go to the room with the lady.

I have special wishes / love Kinky games, should I book in advance?
Everyone is welcome with their specific wishes, usually the ladies can meet your needs. Reservations are not necessary, but they are so pleasant that the lady can prepare herself if necessary. You can also discuss your wishes with the lady present before you go to the room.

Can I also pay by credit or debit card?
azeker that is possible. Your payment of the pin / credit card is handled very discreetly, our statement does not state our company name.
From 1 January 2020, additional costs will be charged for credit card payments (10 euros). Additional services from the ladies must be settled in cash with the lady.

What do ladies find most important to a visiting customer?
Especially kindness, respectful dealing with the lady and a well-groomed personal hygiene are a good starting point for a successful date with a lady.

Do you work with an attendance scheme?
Yes, we work with an attendance schedule, the ladies present are also shown on the homepage. With the lady's profile you can also view her attendance schedule for the whole week and also her times. However, it is always advisable to check with us shortly before your planned visit whether the lady is actually present. In general, the attendance schedule is known every Monday for that week, although it is always subject to change.

Can I also contact you for sex lessons?
Yes, that can offer some sexy ladies with us. For the man who has always been busy with study, work etc. and never had the time or perhaps been somewhat shy in dealing with women, we now offer sex lessons as extra service. A number of ladies with us like to show the man a bit more in the world of eroticism, where they have all the understanding and patience for you. This way you can relax and enjoy different sex actions or master parts of the love game. This is fun and exciting to experience, but also good for your own sexual experiences for the future. So that you can enjoy even more and better sex and also your future sexual partners. Sex lessons work best when booking at least one hour because there is then all the rest to make such a sex date to succeed. Do not hesitate to contact the hostess / gentleman or the lady of your choice for this service, so that she can take your wishes into account.

I am in a wheelchair, is your house wheelchair-accessible and are there girls who want to go to a room in a wheelchair?
We are wheelchair accessible, but it is wise to call in advance so that a room on the ground floor is available. There are enough ladies who also want to fulfill your wishes.

Can we, as a couple, also choose a lady or rent a room?
You can not choose a lady as a couple, the ladies only do trio with ladies with whom they work together. Also rent a room without 1 of our ladies is not possible.

Are you also available for themed parties, gangbangs and bachelor parties?
No that is impossible. We are a private house where the privacy of our customers is of paramount importance and we do not have the facilities and capacities for these kinds of occasions.

Are you controlled by the vice squad on underage and illegal ladies?
Yes we are regularly checked unannounced by the aliens / vice squad, this happens very discrete.

Do you have a license for prostitution?
Yes, we have an operating license from the municipality and after every 3 years the municipality again checks whether we meet all legal obligations and requirements. Interim checks are also carried out unannounced by the municipality with regard to whether we comply with the conditions of the operating license. License number: BOX-2019-01118